Some bugs, suggestions etc.

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Some bugs, suggestions etc.

Post  zyah-bug on Mon Jun 23, 2008 5:32 pm

Hey all,

i will give u my feedback, which bugs i found and which suggestions i have.

Bugs :
- Bonedancer cant summon Heal/Buff/Magic pets (message says Commander got enough pets, and still dont have one)
- Animist, Creeping Path (baseline) need a instant-release-allpets (lvl 4)
- Animist, Arboreal Path (specline) the Mainpet isnt workin, its not castable.
- Animist, Arboreal Path (specline) the casttime of some cast isnt right, i dunno the names, just pls check it.
- U need to rework much vampiir things.
- Reaver got only 1 Lifetap instead of 2!!!
- SB 2handed dmg is too low(?!)
- PvE Zone : before u enter the Middletower of darkspire, there is a blue ring on the ground (like around some porters) but this here is a mob which isnt targetable and he stick/kill you.

Suggestions :
- Ive heared u wanna remove mauler/vamp/valk - dont do this. NERF THEM!. Vampiir melee&magic resi /2, recasttime on claw. Valkyre heal /2 or just lower and the Ragnarok style DD from 150 -> 100/120 or remove the DD.
- Implent some scripts which makes some things easier, like Merch/BM shield-switch-script.
- Change the PvE Zone maybe to Avalon City (safe) and make the BPs harder to get there OR change the PvE Zone to Darkness Falls and enable PvP in there, because its big enough that much people can farm safe but its a chance to PvP (?!?!?!)

so far, thats it Smile
hope i can help u in the future, sorry for my english Wink

greetz, your bughunter



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Re: Some bugs, suggestions etc.

Post  Griffon on Mon Jun 23, 2008 6:31 pm

All these bugs are on a list of paper Very Happy just waiting for the admin to get on to fix them all but thank you very much for taking the time to notice these and write them down for us. Very much appreciated.


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Re: Some bugs, suggestions etc.

Post  zyah! on Tue Jun 24, 2008 1:50 am

np Smile

i hope your server will be a good and interesting PvP-server where i got much fun Wink so, ill notice all what can help you and all other people to make it more interesting.

so if u need anyone to test anything or something else, im there for you Smile

so far..



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Re: Some bugs, suggestions etc.

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