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Name: Darian

Age: 19

InGame Name: Trix

DAoC Portal playtime: i have played DAoC Portal for 2-3 years

GM Experience. I know all commands tho i can't code. I have been GM on a few servers. One was Enigma PvP. And the other is shattered PvP. I was a GM on shattered a while back. Not now tho. I wasn't removed.

Reason for GM: I want to be a GM on ur server because i enjoy doing events with other players. Also i think that i could help make this server better. And it gives me something to do during my freetime.

State: Florida

Country: USA

Language: English only

Extra: I will not mod any of my characters or characters of any others. I will watch for abusers hackers and people who are ruining the fun for other players.

Thanks For Reading. I hope you consider my Application.


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